Shaving concrete is a precise preparation method for the quick removal of a layer of concrete or concrete coating from the surface of contaminated floors. A reliable process for commercial, industrial and decommissioning contractors, floor shavers remove material at a uniform depth with one pass of the equipment, leaving a smooth surface.

Concrete shaving is most valuable for a variety of floor applications:

  • Leveling floors that have curled at the joints
  • Removing existing concrete floor toppings without causing surface damage
  • Removing accumulated layers of existing concrete floor coatings
  • Concrete stock removal for fast aggregate exposure

Shaving vs. Scabbling

When applied under the correct conditions, shaving is typically a more efficient preparation method than scabbling, which uses a chipping and hammering machine that can remove more material than necessary. This in turn can produce much more dust and secondary waste that needs to be controlled and contained at the job site.

Concrete Shaver Spotlight: Von Arx DTF25 Electric Shaver

A recent addition to our concrete shaver list is Von Arx’s electric unit, the DTF25. This 10”, 480V shaver carefully grinds off the surface rather than chipping it away, ultimately resulting in a smooth surface. This unit can cut up to ½” deep in one pass. It is easily maneuverable and requires minimal training and can be run either wet or dry. This unit is self-propelled with hydraulic traction.

Runyon also offers Von Arx scarifiers, gas and electric, of varying sizes. Ask us about our rental options when you give us a call. 

Easy Operation Tips for Floor Shavers

  • After mounting the appropriate tools, the operation of the shaver can begin.
  • Never switch the motor of the shaver on while the tools still touch the floor.
  • The lever of the height adjustment has to be in the upper position and the handwheel of the height adjustment must be turned anti-clockwise as far as possible before the shaver is switched on.
  • Always lift the shaver and the tools clear from the floor and then switch the motor on.
  • Switch the motor on before lowering the shaver with the lever to the operating position.
  • Turn the handwheel of the height adjustment until the tools are lowered to the
  • Floor and until you achieve the required finish.
  • Lowering the tools too much decreases the performance of the shaver, destroying the shafts in the drum and the bearings of the machine.
  • Heavy dust can be avoided by connecting a dust collector to the dust port.
  • The vibration-damped handlebar ensures an easier operation.

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