While regular maintenance can uphold your concrete surface’s structural integrity for a long time, there are cases when a refresh or a complete surface overall is necessary. This is never more true than with commercial concrete surfaces. Unlike residential surfaces, commercial surfaces see much more traffic and the demand for visual appeal can be high – especially with client-facing concrete. 

Runyon Surface Prep offers an extensive catalog of concrete surface prep equipment for rent or purchase. Our clients range from small business contractors to rental facilities and building owners. This post will highlight the reasons you should update your commercial concrete surface, with specific attention to quality assurance and visual aesthetic. Check out our blog for more tips.

#1 Trip Hazards

Some of the smallest cracks in concrete can lead to serious hazards in a commercial establishment. As they widen, concrete cracks pose a tripping threat to machine transportation and worker movement. The threat doubles if the concrete has become unlevel at the crack. 

Unlevel Concrete 

Unlevel concrete slabs are most common on the exterior surfaces of commercial properties, especially on walkways. As you consider the implications of your concrete surface’s current condition, take note of the height variations in your walkway slabs. Ordinances require walkways to be repaired once the variation reaches a certain height. 

Functional Support

Consider this reason one, part two. Functionality is huge in your (or your client’s) operation. Sure, machines can run smoothly without the help of an updated concrete surface. But a surface that isn’t receiving its routine polishing updates and repairs can slow down productions in more ways than one, including worker morale. 

#2 Branding & Other Visual Updates 

Your concrete surface may retain its quality visual appeal for several years, but your brand will need regular updates if you hope to hold the interest of clients or customers. In the event of an aesthetic overhaul in your company, be sure to update your surfaces accordingly. You may be surprised what a color refresh can do for your commercial property’s appeal. 

Consider Adding Color to Your Warehouse or Production Surface 

Don’t have much for color on your concrete surface? While client-facing properties typically pay more attention to the visual appeal of their surface, production-based buildings usually maintain a simple polish and natural concrete tones. 

But they don’t have to. As you refresh your surface, choosing a concrete stain or dye to match the company brand can cover the workspace with a more interesting atmosphere at a relatively inexpensive cost. 

#3 The Longer You Wait, the More Extensive Your Repairs Will Be

If you go several years without making any updates to your concrete surface, it’s likely you’ll have more to deal with in the future. Cracks widen and craters sink further into the ground – in general, concrete is susceptible to element-influenced degradation if not properly taken care of. 

A quality concrete surface installation with proper ongoing maintenance can last well over a decade. But that timeframe is dependent on a caring owner or manager. 

How Often Should an Owner Reseal Their Concrete Surface?

You’ll want to reseal your concrete surface every few years, make sure this is done by an experienced professional or you’ll be back again before you know it. 

Concrete Surface Equipment for Rent or Purchase

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