Von Arx VA25 S 10″ Gasoline Scarifier

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The VA25 is the machine of choice for medium up to large surfaces. Equipped with a vibration absorber and an infinite variable depth adjuster, the flexible VA25 S offers the highest level of user comfort and efficiency. Various cutters can be fitted to suit different applications. Available as gasoline, or electric machine.

  • 10″ Scarfier
  • Honda Gasoline
  • 7.1HP

Additional information

Weight 276 lbs
Dimensions 47 × 32 × 53 in

Spec Sheets

Machine Weight: 210 – 230 lbs
Fuel: Gasoline Honda
Wattage: 5.3 kW

Working width: 10“
Distance to wall: 2.6“
Dimensions: 37 x 18 x 46“
Standard cutters: Hexagonal cutters or as your wish

VonArx VA25S 10″ Gasoline Scarifier Spec Sheet

VA-25S Basic Device Schematics (6440000)

VA25 Position Switch Schematics (6653200)

VA25 Link Joint Schematics (6550410)

VA25 Chassis Assembled for Break Schematics (6540600)

VA25 Housing Cover Assembled Schematics (6443100)

VA25 S Gasoline Engine H Schematics (6442417)

VA25 S Gasoline Motor HO Schematics (6442400f)

VA25 6440700 Schematics

VA25 Dead-Man Device Schematics (6440300f)

Sidewalk Slip Resistance 101

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