Von Arx VA30 S 12″ Electric Scarifier


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Ideal where paved surfaces need to be roughened, grooved, cleaned, or where layers need to be removed. The VA 30 S‘ infinite variable depth adjuster allows you to adapt perfectly to every surface. The vibration absorption system and easy handling make the job more pleasant and efficient. It allows the VA 30 S to glide across the hardest challenge as a heavy-duty surface preparation machine. Various cutters can be fitted to suit different applications.

  • 12″ Scarifier
  • Electric
  • 3-ph, 230V or 480V,
  • 10HP, 7,5Kw

Additional information

Weight 426 lbs
Dimensions 55 × 32 × 53 in

230V, 480V


Spec Sheets

Weight: 300 – 400 lbs
Electrical power: 3x 400V / 50Hz
Wattage: 7.5 kW
Working width: 12″
Distance to wall: 3.5″
Dimensions: 53 x 22 x 43″
Standard cutters: Octagonal cutters or as your wish

VonArx VA 30S 12″ 230V Spec Sheet

VonArx VA 30S 12″ 480V Spec Sheet

VA30S Link Joint Schematics (6550410)

VA30S with Electric Motor Schematics (6656012)

VA30S with E-Motor 400V Schematics (6656000)

VA30S Adjustment and Dead-Man Device Schematics (6651000d)

VA30S Basic Device Schematics 6650000d

VA30S Switch Assembled 7,5k (6581400a)

VA30-S Chassis Assembled (6553700)

VA30S Drive Shaft Assembled Schematics (6553200a)

VA30S Housing Cover Assembled Schematics (6553100)

Sidewalk Slip Resistance 101

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