Von Arx FR200 Genus 8″ Gasoline Scarifier

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With workers’ health in mind and focus, Von Arx has developed an updated version of the FR200 model. This new machine is called the FR200 Genus! Genus is Latin for friendly and that is what the FR200 Genus is all about. It’s friendly for the user and operator. 

This new gasoline model has increased dust pick-up capabilities and a vibration level as low as 3.6 m/s2. This eliminates a dusty environment when the correct size vacuum is connected, creates less vibration impact on the operator, and eliminates lots of the after cleaning of the surface. 

The FR 200 Genus handles a variety of different jobs, from straight-forward cleaning to the tricky removal of pavement markings. The compact size and the easy handling of the machine make it ideal for carrying out precise work on small or medium surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.

  • FR200 Genus holds the same high quality as VonArx has for the last 60 years
  • 36-month warranty
  • 8″ Scarifier
  • FR 200 Honda Gasoline
  • 5.3 HP

Additional information

Weight 166 lbs
Dimensions 47 × 32 × 30 in

Spec Sheets

Weight: 166lbs.
Fuel: Gasoline Honda
Wattage: 4 kW

Working width: 200mm (8“)
Distance to wall: 54mm (2“)
Dimensions: 43 x 14 x 38“
Standard cutters: Pentagonal cutters or as your wish

VonArx FR200 Genus 8 Gasoline Scarifier

FR200 Drive Shaft Assembled Schematics (6253200)

FR200 6251200b Schematics

FR200 6253500 Schematics

FR200 6253600 Schematics

FR200 Radwippe vormont 6253700 Schematics

FR200 6253400 Schematics

FR200 Housing Cover Assembled Schematics

Fr200 1.1kW 115v Schematics

Fr200 Electric Switch Pre-Ass. Schematics

FR200 Basic Machine Schematics (6253802)

FR200 El. Motor 115V Schematics

Sidewalk Slip Resistance 101

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